Project description

These two pieces of machinery were built to mount the silencer plugs (bushings) for a car's engine; they are pieces of special compressed rubber that are placed between two pieces in motion to absorb the vibrations and noises. 

Each workbench consists of a manual loading area for components, a module checking the presence and models of the components, a coupling module for all the components using pneumatic technology, and an electronic press station.

For each silentblock model, 5 interchangeable tools (per module, quick change) need to be changed for different families of components. 

The main added value of these workbenches is first, the use of artificial vision to identify the model required for each component and second, they make each product traceable, which is an essential factor in the automotive sector for safety reasons.  


  • Year: 2017
  • Technology used: artificial vision, pneumatics, electronics
  • Sector: automobile
  • Blows per minute: 12 seconds per cycle
  • No. of components: multiple