The Assembly of 7 different references, with Delta robots and artificial vision
  • 11/05/2022
After several months of challenging and intense work, we are proud to present a project in which we have overcome all the challenges set by our client: to be able to assemble seven types of caps/tops of different formats, with the maximum speed and efficiency.

The machine you see in the video can work through 180 caps/tops per minute. These tops are assembled in pairs and this process is completed 90 times.

For the CMTEC team, it has been a leap forward in overcoming, not only the productivity requirements, but also in making the machine exceptionally easy to operate and user friendly.
Our machine, which we proudly designed and manufactured in house, incorporates two Delta robots, as well as the latest artificial vision system.
In the first phase, the machine receives the bodies of the tops that arrive in a vertical position by means of a conveyor belt. Using the artificial vision, a camera identifies the degrees of rotation of the body of the top. Then, motorized tweezers from the Delta robot, grip the pieces and rotate them the appropriate degrees and precisely fits them to the tools.
In the second phase, a second Delta robot grabs the tops and nails them to the first body that is already held in the tooling.

Finally, the height control station ensures that the cap is properly nailed in place. It is at this point that the artificial vision inspects separates and removes the parts that do not meet the marked quality standard.
Ensuring the highest quality and standards of output.