We know what we do

CMTEC was created as the result of the experience of a group of engineering and industrial machinery construction professionals. l’experiència d’un grup de professionals en el sector de l’enginyeria i construcció de maquinària industrial.

We specialise in process automation and our know how means that we can build anything from a conventional machine up to a 4.0 machine, using the technologies required to obtain the best product.


Our extensive EXPERIENCE means that we can carry out projects based on confidence and knowledge.


We are COMMITTED to each order we receive, and our goal is to deliver the best product, and by doing so, to contribute to our clients' competitiveness.


We are FLEXIBLE. We enjoy talking to our clients and reaching an agreement that satisfies everybody involved. We are prepared to think outside the box to take a project forward.


We are creators of INNOVATION. We firmly believe that the ability to innovate must be part of our team's DNA.


We are ACCESSIBLE. We are direct partners with our clients. We respond as quickly as possible to any incidents that arise.

Presence and response

We are always there. PRESENCE AND RESPONSE are part of our distinguishing characteristics.


We provide DESIGN. We do not settle for the first solution. We think about the requirements and look for the most appropriate solution.

Leading brands

We use LEADING BRANDS for the components of the machines we build. We demand the quality that we want to pass on to the client.

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Latest news

Ready, a new auxiliary feeding system of metal inserts for an injection machine in the automotive sector
  • 01/09/2021

This August, our CMTEC team has been making the final arrangements for the release of a new auxiliary feeding system of metal inserts for an injection machine, which will be set up in a renowned company in the automotive branch.

CMTEC clients value our high level of technical knowledge, our rigour and our ability to find simple solutions
  • 28/06/21

In a qualitative study on how CMTEC clients see our company, it has been confirmed that they especially value the high level of technical knowledge of our team as well as the ability to provide simple technical solutions to complex problems.

Our clients have placed their trust in us

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