Meeting the new challenge: speed, flexibility in formats and ease of use.
  • 24/05/2022
A major perfumery company brought us another new challenge, a challenge that brought out the best in our team, the kind of challenge we thrive on: The efficient assembly of high-end perfumery caps in a variety of formats. This required hot gluing at one stage in the process as well as making a machine flexible enough to be able to take on a variety of different formats. Therefore, it was required that the machine could be retooled, fast, and that it could be done by any operator, even if they had no experience.

The main novelty of this machine is that the tool transport system is made with the Beckhoff's XTS system. These are motorized cars that can be controlled individually. Thus, we can adjust the speeds and stopping points for each of the tools.

The machine works at 70 cycles per minute and the parts are worked in a unitary way. When a change in the format of the cap/top is required, the change of tools can be done in just 1 hour and can be done by a person little technical knowledge.

The machine assembles the caps/tops and glues them with hot glue. Once assembled, a spider robot takes the caps and places them into the blisters with which the customer delivers the material.