#CMTECapproach project launch to identify and consolidate CMTEC's differential values
  • 02/06/2021
In March we launched the #CMTECapproach project, which plans various work actions with the main parts of our value chain.

The goal is to identify CMTEC's differential values in order to bring together a proposal plan for improvements aimed at fostering the relationship with our clients in this respect.

The CMTEC management states that "we believe we are in a good market position, we have incredible talent resources, but there is always room for improvement. The CMTEC approach begins with each of us being certain that excellence means always getting a bit better".

The project, led by an external consultancy, started with several in-depth interviews with CMTEC clients to identify the perception and positioning of our organisation. In the interviews the clients also gave their insights on improvement actions regarding our differential values.

The next phase was a group dynamics involving the entire CMTEC team to identify internally the same improvement parameters and compare them with the insights provided by our clients.

In addition, the team worked on the key values identified in a team building activity carried out in the company.

The project will conclude with a working session involving all teams to outline a specific scheduled action plan, which takes account of both the insights of the clients and also the processes or key points in the value chain considered internally that they could be improved.