CMTEC clients value our high level of technical knowledge, our rigour and our ability to find simple solutions
  • 28/06/21

In a qualitative study on how CMTEC clients see our company, it has been confirmed that they especially value the high level of technical knowledge of our team as well as the ability to provide simple technical solutions to complex problems.

This is one of the main conclusions drawn from the interviews carried out by an external consultancy to several strategic CMTEC clients.

In the interviews, the clients also pointed out the rigour and professionalism of the CMTEC team as well as the flexibility and ability to adapt the project to evolving client requirements.

The report also highlights the commitment shown by the entire organisation to solve a client's urgent situation and the team's dedication throughout all phases of the project.

The interviews with clients are part of the  #CMTECapproach project launched in March, which includes several actions to analyse the differential values of our organisation both internally and externally and be able to outline a crosscutting improvement plan.