Engineering solutions

Custom projects

We provide engineering solutions for automating industrial processes. We are specialists in the perfume and cosmetics, automotive, pharmacy and food sectors.

We carry out projects tailored to your needs. In other words, we do not manufacture to a standard - we always work on a personalised and customised basis.

We bring technical expertise to each project we carry out. As experts in the field, you tell us what you need and we use our knowledge to look for the optimum solution.

We take care of all phases of the project. We do the entire design, we choose the appropriate materials, we take care of the reception, checks and assembly at the CMTEC facilities, and finally, we commission the project on the client's premises.

We use various technologies when carrying out projects:

  • Pneumatic technology

    This is the most widespread technology in the industrial world. It enables us to automate movements at a lower cost than other technologies, although it is limited in terms of speed and precision.

  • Hydraulic technology

    Ideal whenever it is necessary to apply additional forces, since it works at higher pressures.

  • Continuous motion technology

    This technology allows for increased production times and therefore achieves higher net yields. It also significantly reduces the maintenance costs of systems.

  • Robotics

    This is very adaptable, because products can related manipulate in different formats and sizes, and because any movement is possible in all directions.

  • Artificial vision

    This is basically an excellent resource for checking the quality of the product, as well as identifying it and locating it at a specific point in space. It also means that we can make sure that the product has all its parts, and the change of model has taken place correctly.

  • 3D printing

    This means that prototypes can be manufactured more quickly than in the usual process, and makes it possible to manufacture certain components in the machine at an affordable price, to age the equipment to satisfactorily fit together pieces in different formats or with different characteristics, among other problems.