Industry 4.0

Computer connectivity

The environment in which we work pushes us forward to incorporate improvements that enable us to strive towards excellence. With this in mind, we are immersing ourselves in industry 4.0 and adding aspects linked to connectivity between machinery and computer networks to the conventional construction process.
We are gradually getting closer to the 'smart' machine, which controls all the processes from the computer system.

In the face of an as yet unknown future, we work with 4.0 machinery in the present, which allows us to offer equipment with some advantages over conventional systems:

  1. The ability to predict breakdowns linked to the end of the working life of each component and of the entire equipment, thanks to the information provided by the machine via the computer.

  2. The ability to examine weak points and improve them to increase their efficiency, thanks to the exhaustive and continuous information provided by the machine.

  3. Detection of breakdowns in real time, with the resulting flexibility in resolving them.

  4. Energy savings, due to automatic shutdowns of the machine when no activity is detected, and the identification of any anomaly in the use of energy resources.

  5. Remote assistance from a computer device.